Fans shed tears over Princess Catherine's positive message about Prince Louis' sweet birthday photo
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Princess Catherine shared an adorable photo of Prince Louis on his sixth birthday with a touching message to the public.

Princess Catherine once again shows off her talent for making children smile with the latest photo of Prince Louis on his 6th birthday. The adorable snap shows Lou lying on a rug on the lawn, wearing a checkered shirt and smiling at the camera, the photo was taken at Windsor in Recent Days by Catherine, who revealed on last month that she was undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer following a minor setback with Catherine's family Easter photo. Back in top form behind the camera even though she was undergoing cancer treatment, Catherine managed to capture Louis' warm smile.

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This is a testament to her love and motherly skills as a photographer. Royal commentator Richard Fitz Williams said that the tradition of releasing pictures of whale babies on their birthdays was meaningful, and he praised William and Katherine for their commitment to balance. by the right to privacy for their children with the need to convey their charity work through the media. I'm so glad that the tradition of posting pictures of whale babies on their birthdays has continued because it's incredibly important.

He told his son. I mean, it's important that you want privacy or as much privacy as possible for the future King and his siblings when they grow up, William and Katherine are absolutely and rightly, very obsessing about this but on the other hand of course the royal family needs the media to put out their charitable messages which is a careful balance and includes taking pictures of them on special occasions and that's very important because only rational people would want that. Richard emphasized that although Catherine was diagnosed with cancer, the couple will still share a photo of their wedding anniversary this week, bringing news positive message to the public during challenging times.

The birthday photo shows Prince Louis posing playfully in the garden, wearing a Trotters camel-checked shirt, currently on sale for £25, as the prince and Princess expressed their grateful for the good wishes saying happy sixth birthday Prince Louis thanks for all the good wishes today Prince Louis often attracts attention with his lively presence at Royal events. He made headlines in December when he playfully blew out the candle in his hand.

Positive' message from Kate Middleton and William as smiling photo of Louis shared - Mirror Online

Princess Charlotte's sister during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey His spirited antics during appearances on carriage balconies and family gatherings helped identify him with the public royal Phil Dampier commented on Lou's growing popularity describing him as a bubbly character who gives Joy playful gestures towards him. siblings last May Katherine accidentally revealed Lou's family nickname lugs during a visit to the SC Hut in Slough while he was enjoying marshmallows by the campfire.

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