Cute moment, Lady Louise takes care of George, Charlotte and Louis while the family vacations at Balmoral
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Every year, members of the Royal Family pack their bags and prepare themselves for their annual vacation. OneCute moments were captured on the latest vacation.

The annual trip is a favorite of the late Queen's as it gives the family the chance to spend quality time together away from the public eye as well as rest. Royal duties at school The Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children officially joined King Charles and Queen Camila for a family gathering at Balmoral Castle and it looks like the occasion brought plenty of time. bonding time for younger family members for beloved Scottish residents It is said that there are few bonds as strong as the bond between cousins and your cousins are often the relationships you learned the most from and relied on as you grew up.

The sign Lady Louise Windsor didn't feel left out after King Charles's major title decision

So it's sweet to see that tradition persist in the royal family, where very few people have that kind of connection. Everything in their lives is normal and the bond between Joy George Charlotte Louie and her cousin Louise Windsor seems to grow stronger with each family vacation. Clearly James' sister has shown a knack for keeping William and Kate's three children busy on previous visits and this time will be no exception for Louise, endearing herself to everyone by taking care of them. take care of them while they're up there.

This time together gives the children a chance to bond as they all continue to grow up and Lady Louise is known to have been shown to Princess Charlotte. a truly endearing skill when relaxing in the countryside and according to sources close to the family, Louisa's love of drawing is inspiring Charlotte to poke fun at herself when it was revealed that the grandchild was The Queen's favorite loved to draw and sketch and was very patient in trying to get Charlotte to draw pictures of rabbits and deer even more so because of her obvious artistic skills.

The late Queen allowed Louise to look through some of Queen Victoria's collection of sketches of the Highlands which were kept at risk but are rarely dug out today. in a beautiful photo with the late Her Majesty The Princess of Wales last summer at the Balion Prince George Princess Charlotte Isa Phillips and Prince Lewis are pictured standing behind the couch in front of Her Majesty's youngest grandchild , Lady Louise Windsor and James Earl of Wessex in the past Louise was also always ready to help George and Charlotte when they carried out their bridesmaid duties at Princess Eugene's wedding last year and the family gathering over Christmas born.

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Miss Louise is currently on summer break at St Andrews University after completing her first year at the school. higher education institution where she learned English before her mother, Sophie gave an interview to the BBC where she spoke about how protective she and her husband were of Louise. But realizing that she must be allowed to live her life, she revealed that her daughter is not around social media and has the usual worries a parent has for their children outside of school. Louise also followed in the footsteps of her late grandfather, Prince Phillip, by taking up his favorite sport of carriage driving.

She made her public speaking debut in a documentary on Philip's Life last year, where she spoke about how they became involved in the sport, the Earl and CEST of Wessex decided that they would neither gave Louise and James the title of hrh Styles nor the title of prince and princess at birth. The couple, who married in June 1999, made the decision in an effort to give their children a more normal life, away from the spotlight while remaining members of the royal family and participating in public events.

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