Princess Catherine's unprecedented decision for George, Charlotte and Louis to bear witness to the hardships endured by William
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Princess Catherine made an unprecedented decision to protect her children from the negative effects of media exposure, something her husband Prince William experienced firsthand when appearing on the media.

Media has always been a part of Royal life, something Prince William has experienced firsthand since his birth. The prince has been openly expressing himself with constant media attention since he was a child, understanding things for Prince Williams' life. Catherine took a proactive stance to protect her child from difficulties. similar. Princess Catherine is determined to raise her children Prince George, Princesses Charlotte and Louis in the most normal way possible. She recognizes the Public's concern for their family and wishes to see the children grow up, balancing this with her protective instincts.

Catherine understood the need to provide the media with controlled access to her children. Princess Catherine saw firsthand the difficulties the press could cause when witnessing ​that in her husband Prince Williams' life, so she realized that if she could do something about it if she could exercise control then she should absolutely be a royal insider sharing about a groundbreaking move. Princess Catherine decided to take matters into her own hands, choosing to become the primary photographer for her children to ensure that the images released to the public were taken by her.

This decision allows her to maintain control over their public image while satisfying public curiosity, an approach that is practical in the context of traditional Royal protocol. Professional photographers have been tasked with capturing the Royals' moments from the moment they are born, these young Royals have been thrust into the spotlight with every milestone captured in a flash. meticulous way for the world to see for the public to see. Be attracted by the hospital's debut birthday portraits and the many adorable and fun expressions of the princes. Yet Catherine's decision to document her children's lives through her lens marks a significant departure from the norm.

This strategy not only protects the children from paparazzi troubles, but also allows Catherine to share authentic moments from their lives. The photos of Princess Catherine's children were warmly received by the public and the media. These images often capture candid and intimate moments that offer a controlled and respectful glimpse into the lives of the Royal children. Catherine's decision underscores her commitment to her family's well-being and her willingness to adapt traditional Royal practices to modern realities.

The move sets a new standard of privacy and media engagement for the royal family, which prioritizes the mental and emotional well-being of her children despite their Royal status. Catherine and William tried to give their children as normal a childhood as possible, participating in daily activities such as school organized family outings and outdoor play, giving their children a sense of normalcy amid their privileged lives. Princess Catherine often spoke about the values ​​she held dear and the importance of instilling these in her children.

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