'Freezing and terrified' dog left tied to lamppost amid shock
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An animal is born and is lucky, or perhaps unfortunate, not to be loved. Experiencing the hunger, the pain, feeling his body abandon him while we felt great sadness when we saw his second image one night last July at the dynamic station As soon as we saw him, we sent him straight to the clinic, said goodbye to him and hoped to see him again because hope was slim. And the positive energy of all the volunteers who were there was captured. And our Menios is back stronger. With a matter in his heart, with the rising titles of calazar and with great love and care from each one, which he never received And now he receives it every day from mother. From a mother who doesn't care about his age, health problems, or image. She saw what an amazing creature she was, how much love she had to give even though he had never met her

A 'freezing and terrified' dog was left tied to a lamppost in Bedworth. The RSPCA say that Larry was in a 'neglected state'.

The thin-looking dog was also suffering from a skin condition. But, having been taken into the care of the RSPCA, inspectors say that he is now getting the care he needs,

Larry the dog was found 'terrified and freezing' tied to a lamppost in Bedworth

As he recovers, the RSPCA has turned its attention to finding those responsible for abandoning the dog. They have asked the public for help.

They have issued images of Larry in a bid to encourage anyone with any information to come forward. "Do you recognise Larry?," the RSPCA asked.

"This poor boy was freezing and terrified when he was found tied to a lamppost in Bedworth on 24th January. Sadly he was in a neglected state and suffering from a skin condition but he’s now getting the care and attention he needs."

Issuing an appeal for help, the RSPCA said: "If you have any first-hand information, please contact our appeals line on 0300 123 8018.. Please help us with our investigation."

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