Prince William and Kate Middleton were moved to tears by messages from George, Charlotte and Louis
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The focus of attention was on Father's Day and the British royal family did not forget to organize this special event. George, Charlotte and Louis, children of Kate Middleton and Prince William, marked the day with a tender message for their father.

This Sunday, June 16, dads are the center of attention on Father's Day and the British royal family has gone above and beyond to celebrate this very special event. Kate Middleton and Prince William's children George, Charlotte and Louis marked the day with a tender message for their father. Nearly three weeks after Mother's Day, celebrated on May 26, it is fathers who are in the spotlight.

This Sunday, June 16, is a symbolic day for all fathers both in France and the UK. On this occasion, Princes George and Louis, as well as Princess Charlotte, paid tribute to their father, Prince William, by posting a touching message on social networks. "We love you dad. Happy Father's Day", official of the Princes of Wales. Attached to the shared post is a lovely photo of Prince William from behind, looking out to sea with his children.

This gesture is even more meaningful because this is the first time George, Charlotte and Louis have celebrated Father's Day on social media. "The Prince and Princess of Wales marked Father's Day by posting a new photo of William and the children, taken by his wife in Norfolk last month. Included was a personal message from George, Charlotte and Louis. This is the first time the children have done that on social networks," said Rebecca English, a journalist specializing in writing about the royal family for the Daily Mail.

This publication could not help but move Internet users, who left many touching comments "Very beautiful photo and happy Mother's Day. Dear father, William", wrote one user. Another added: "You are all a team!" The reaction was equally enthusiastic. "I'm crying. What a beautiful photo taken by Catherine," one user commented, while another wrote: "You have such a beautiful family, Prince William, enjoy them and enjoy the day his!"

This Father's Day celebration once again demonstrates the strength and unity of the British royal family. Prince William, surrounded by his beloved children, embodies the father figure admired and respected by not only his family but also many royal admirers around the world on this Day. Father's this year. The year 2024 will be remembered as a beautiful demonstration of family affection and complicity, reinforcing the positive and warm image of the royal family.

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