Touching story about a kitten and its mother: The kitten hugged the mother cat and didn't want to leave, with tears in her eyes.
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It's good that there are still people with hearts that don't care about animals...they rely on our help...I wish you the best.

A group of volunteers received a message from residents of a local village that they had been hearing the crying of a small cat for several days. They later discovered that the little kitten had snuggled up against the body of a large cat that had long been dead.

I got a new kitten. And now she doesn't leave my side at all. She only sleeps when I close my eyes and is always cuddled up next to my hand when 

But the little cat didn't seem to know anything about it, she continued to press herself against her mother's body, meowing every now and then and licking her. To save the kitten, volunteers removed the cat's body. 

After returning, the kitten did not find its mother and continued to search, crying incessantly. After the cat was rescued, the veterinarian removed the mother's body and gave her the opportunity to see her one last time to signal to her that her mother was gone. 

To everyone's surprise, the kitten seemed to understand what was happening. He smelled his mother's body, looked up and there were tears in his eyes. The volunteers learned from locals that the big cat was actually not the kitten's biological mother. 

What does a mother cat do with a dead kitten? Will she mourn it or just let it go? - Quora

The parents died in an accident, and when she saw how many stray cats made fun of the little kitten, she adopted him and they were always together. 

Now kind people adopted the kitten and a new life began. When I saw the tears in the little cat's eyes, the pain in my heart really pierced me. 

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